Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I keep fucking having them, even though my daytime life is improving significantly.

I don't get it. I'm going back to school soon; the wedding planning is coming along well; GreenHunk and I have mostly solved the issues we were having before. (For those of you who asked for an update on this situation, it took us several conversations and a month of not quite communicating successfully but we finally figured out the underlying miscommunication and discovered a workable solution.) We've grown together a lot. We're having a lot more sex and we're both getting better and more patient at teaching each other stuff. I'm actually getting pretty decent at Muay Thai, too.


But then every single night I'll have these terrible fucking nightmares. About my abusive ex, replaying things that actually happened and all of my worst fears, like him stealing my other cats; about GreenHunk cheating on me (which he wouldn't do and I know it); being chased; Saturday night I also randomly had a dream where I found out I was really adopted and my mom never told me, and for whatever reason in my dream world head it meant she didn't love me as much as my sister and I wasn't a "real" daughter.

I know this is a PTSD symptom, although I'm not sure what's causing it right now. I've always had nightmares, for years, but not usually this many at once, every night - they'll be more spread out. How do I cope? I'm sick of feeling shitty for hours if not the whole day when I wake up from dreams like this. Other people who experience nightmares commonly, tell me your secrets!

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