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Pube-ing: am I doing it wrong?

I mean, obviously I am because Im a woman and whatever I do with my pubic hair is wrong somehow, but a few months ago, I decided that is grow out my pubes, because, well science. No one else really cares now they look at the moment and I realized that I've never really just let them go... Like ever. I can't remember a time when it grew for more than a few weeks before I trimmed or waxed or shaved, even as a teen. I see all of these debates we have about pubic hair and trends and realized that I really don't know both sides because I've never had a glorious, full bush.

But... You guys, do pubes just suck? Because mine are awful. I pictured this like curly 70s porn hair cloud proudly erupting from my feminine vee. But mine are stick straight, and they just kind of mat downwards in a sort of 1950s ducktail.

And they are as uncomfortable as all get out. They itch. I have to adjust my pants and underpants. The hair is just coarse and rough and scratchy. I kept thinking that it was just uncomfortable because it was growing out but nope


Should I be conditioning it? Or do I have some sort of scabies? AM I REALLY ABNORMAL? Is peeking an option? I thought they were supposed to be curly! :(

Because I want to love my pubes guys. I want to make it work between us. But seriously, I want to get rid of them. Am I doing this wrong? Honestly, if growing back your pubes is a first wave feminist thing I'm starting to understand why they were so cranky all the time.

TL;dr you guys are my pubes last hope. Unless someone can tell me what I am doing wrong or how to make my pubes less vastly uncomfortable off they go! Save my pubes!

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