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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Public displays of fat

Why are they doing this to me?

I work for a tech startup with 20-30 employees. They are awesome in giving us free shit that has their brand all over it, including shirts. Thanks, company! Except that my boss sent out a Google Docs spreadsheet that everyone in the office fills out and you can see everyone else's sizes.


I'm happy with my size and I see these people everyday - they know how I look and could probably guess my size. But still. I don't care to write down my size for everyone to gawk at. Especially since all the other women in my office are writing shit like S (women's fit), XS (men's fit). I just wrote L because fuck writing L (men's fit) XXXXXXL (women's fit). Also, fuck women's fit. Hopefully they assume I want men's fit only and don't get me an L in women's that I can never ever wear.

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