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I’m probably gonna delete this in a while, but I wanted to get some feedback from you lovely folks.

I had a very thoughtful and productive phone conversation today with a representative for the advocacy group I mentioned in my big post from a month back. It was great to be in touch with someone from an organization that does so much good for women and really knows how to professionally handle what I pretty much handled on my own. Well, they’re going to re-publish my piece on their website, which I gave full and enthusiastic permission to do; because while it is a very personal issue, I wrote it for the sake of education.

On top of that, I was invited to connect with a local advocacy group that fights on behalf of women who are currently dealing with what I was dealing with. There needs to be more resources for women who suffer at the hands of patriarchal culture, so that they know there is a safe way to be recognized. I told the rep that while 90% of me absolutely wants to take up arms and really become a voice for women who suffer silently, 10% of me just isn’t ready yet. She was very understanding and said it’s a good thing I am hearing that voice of reluctance because one of the biggest challenges a lot of activists face when dealing with this stuff is feeling like they got pushed into the public eye too soon. I can see how that would happen, everything is still pretty raw and to go out and talk about it is kind of jarring.


So I ask you this: Has anyone here become a public advocate for personal stances? How was the transition in your life from having this very personal thing you cared about be your own personal cause to being a public crusade? Do you regret the timing? Did you ever feel ready to take it on?

Also, side note, after this entirely enlightening conversation I immediately went to see Mad Max. It was kind of the best thing to top this off with.

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