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Welcome To The Bitchery

I know the parks high season is over most places, but the Every Kid in a Park program is still going. So if you’ve got a 4th grader in the US right now they can do a short online activity and receive a free pass good for admission for them and their family at National Parks! And if you’re in New York State, our State Parks are accepting the NPS pass for park vehicle use fees and historic site fees.

Visit: everykidinapark.gov and nysparks.com/environment/connect-kids.aspx

Bonus: NPS has a way for fourth grade educators to get passes for their whole class, and New York State Parks has a transportation grant program for K-12 classrooms in Title 1 schools to visit state parks, nature centers, historic sites, and Department of Environmental Conservation environmental education centers.


And even if you aren’t a kid, since it is the off-season, many state parks in New York have lowered or waived their vehicle use fees for the winter. So go outside!

Updated to add: Canada’s national parks are, I hear, going to be free admission for all of 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday! I want to say the Parks Canada website is www.pc.goc.ca

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