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Welcome To The Bitchery

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A dog who has adopted fatalism as a worldview.

  • Does your dog not hopefully check his food bowl between meals?
  • Does your dog no longer beg for table scraps?
  • Does your dog mope on the floor, couch, or bed?
  • Does your dog quietly accept a whisker pulling by small children?
  • Does your dog fail to chase its own tail, as if assuming it will only get away in the end anyway?

Your dog is a fatalist. Or may be experimenting with fatalistic tendencies. Fatalism is a terrible philosophy for a dog. Not anything like much more canine appropriate philosophies such as stoicism or Epicureanism or even anarchism. No, a fatalist dog is hardly a dog at all.


Team Cat.

Also, more at link. That picture just killed me, btw.

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