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Hey GT! I am a bummer and a half and am going to post a sad rant two days in a row, so I apologise in advance!

I have been having really bad anxiety. Klonopin/Clonazepam is not helping much, I am on Cipralex but so far it's only made me tired and completely unmotivated - this is pretty much the exact opposite of the reaction I was hoping for, but I know it does take time.


I got in a huge fight with my husband over his drinking last night, after he informed me he's been spending over $500 a month on booze and cigarettes while unemployed. This is on credit or from broken RRSPs, which is obviously NOT GOOD. I felt sad all day and got some upsetting news that threw me for a loop (lost contact with someone I had hoped would become a close friend, long story and not their fault, but FEELS).

So, today I had a doctor's appointment. I have been waiting two weeks to beg for some Xanax, and also some pain meds because I need a root canal (next week - more anxiety inducing shit) and my whole left side of my face hurts SO BAD. I know it was today at 3:30 because I had a little card that said March 13 at 3:30. I get there and they tell me it was last week. I broke down, BIG TIME. I sobbed in the office, I sobbed running to my car, I had to sit in my car and shake/sob for a 1/2 hour before I could even process what happened, and in the meantime people were walking by, doing their thing. It was so embarrassing; I know everyone cries and that most people probably didn't notice me, but it was a real low point. Friday the 13th can go fuck itself heartily. Please feel free to post your shitty shit day below, or GIF me!

I will present my Tosca, just chilling on Pooh Bear. We had to put her down in January and I am doing a photo collage of her, but there's too much cute and I have a feeling there will be a photo collage, and then several albums. (I can't make it be at the bottom - well, I'm sure I can, but I don't want to try. You understand!)

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