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Publishing 1930s and beyond Robert E Howard related

In the 1980s I read L Sprague DeCamp's rewritting/editting of the Conan stories by REH. I loved them and I also consider Savage Sword of Conan comics the greatest comic series ever. I love Sword and Sorcery branch of fantasy the most, sadly its not really alive anymore. Anyways I am reading now the original stories written by Conan. It hard to fathom how magazine editors in the 1930s let these stories go through. The stories are brilliant. REH really was a master at world creating. Yet REH Conan stories at least through story 5 are astonishingly racist. He compares race with intelligence and not just through dialogue but description. I see now why DeCamp edited the stories. I know I am thinking like a person from 2014 not 1934 but still its like he poisoned the stories with this racism and definately for modern readers. The racism in the stories could easily have been reworded or omitted by a 1934 editor. Yet I recall picking up a Tom Swift novel published in 1915 a few years ago and the racism was blatant as well.


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