Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Reading the child rearing article on the mainpage made me think back to some creative punishments by my dear mother, who was the only non yeller in my house.

  1. When I fought with my brother, we had to wear my dad's big shirt together, sit in the fireplace, and hug for a set amount of time (she set an egg timer).
  2. I would never put away my laundry after she did it (you will notice a recurring theme with this), so once she threw it out my seconds tory bedroom window onto snow.
  3. If I forgot to lock the door when I left the house, she would lock me out for an hour.
  4. If I forgot to feed the dog, I would have to make my own meal while everyone else ate her home cooked meal.
  5. One time she gave most of my clothes to Goodwill because I did not put them away after laundry.
  6. I got glitter all over her art/studio area so she put glitter on top of my ceiling fan and I was covered in it for weeks.
  7. If I overslept she would set my toddler siblings on my face to wake me up.
  8. She gave my favorite dress to my best friend because I left it bunched on the floor (my friend used to like to participate in my punishments).
  9. If I left dirty dishes in the sink (when I was older and would stay up late and eat at night), I would wake up to them on my bed.

I am sure I will come up with some more.

Got any?


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