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Welcome To The Bitchery

Pup Post Surgery

My little girl Cookie had surgery today to remove a mysterious mass on her side. Vet is confident it’s not a tumor and we’re getting it biopsied. Vet thinks it was probably an insect bite that reduced down to some scar tissue. Anyhow, she is home and spent the first three hours home whining and whimpering and in general making me feel helpless. She’s finally sleeping again, but I know I need to put her cone of shame back on before I go to sleep. I took it off while she was resting here beside me, but I don’t want to wake up to her chewing her staples out. Debating on putting her in her crate to sleep. She needs to be in there to limit her movement, but she will scream bloody murder. I will probably sleep on the floor with her because she will stay with me. If she sleeps with me in bed, she might jump down to get water and she can’t jump. There is no point to this, I suppose other than hoping other pet owners can help me feel like I am not a terrible pup mommy because I am not making her sleep in her crate. Any advice for the next 10 days (that’s when she gets her staples out)?


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