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Pupdate: A Story in Pictures

FluterDog is getting older and while she’s generally in good health (and seems reinvigorated since we got FluterPup), she’s starting to slow down. It really hit home when I took her to my parents’ house for Christmas - she was absolutely in love with the little pillow that Mom keeps for my sibling’s little dog.

The fact that it was by the fireplace and my mother’s favorite sitting place probably helped. (Pls don’t tell Mom she’s internet famous. I was forbidden from sharing this on social media, but I think it’s sweet.)


Mostly, I think she liked being comfortable.

... but how is this comfortable?

There’s not a lot of extra floorspace in our apartment, which is why there hasn’t been a bed outside their crates. But we had some flooding on New Year’s Eve (I don’t want to talk about it) and got rid of a few damaged items. A silver lining has been the new floor space - and in light of Christmas, I decided it was time to get FluterDog a bed for the living area.

Do you think she likes it?

Of course there was some jealousy.

And then some sisterly thieving.


I suppose it was too much to hope they could do this again.

And I suppose, if I’d been thinking, I would have anticipated this. I guess I did.

But it still cracks me up.

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