So, bolstered by a Gawker post about an awesome German Shepherd, I searched on Petfinder for Shepherd mixes, and found a ridiculously adorable German Shepherd Corgi mix at a shelter near me. I went to meet him this morning, and I brought him home, and OMG HE IS SO CUTE!

I haven't managed to get a good picture yet, but here's the Petfinder one:


I named him Buster (he was found on the street, so he didn't have a name or history available, though he's clearly house trained and used to living inside). He's a year old, 13 lbs. (he's actually smaller than both my cats!), and so far he seems very chill—I actually haven't heard him make a noise yet, though he has a very demonstrative tail. The car clearly freaked him out a bit, but he was quite stoic. My friend and I went straight from the pound to PetCo, where he was excited and friendly and tried to bond with every dog we passed, and then brought him home. He and the cats did a bit of circling each other warily, but he was very respectful, no barking or lunging, and let the braver cat sniff him over, and now they're all hanging out in the living room with me.

After I introduced him to the cats and let him eat and drink and explore the house a little, I took him for a long walk. He was eager and curious, but also did very well on the leash—he didn't really pull, and he let me lead and was generally very obedient (though again, he wanted to bond with every dog we passed. We passed two huge pit bulls and they started jumping and barking and he STILL tried to go over and meet them), and then we came back home. He explored for a little while, than laid down halfway under my easy chair and went to sleep. Where he still is, while I am bragging about him on the Internet.

So damned cute, and so goddamned GOOD, so far. I'm nervous about separation anxiety, since I'm back at work on Monday, but he's been so generally calm and stoic about everything else that I'm hoping he'll approach being peopleless for the better part of a day the same way...