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Puppy disaster update

I want to thank everyone here who has sent me a message of support.

I can’t really dwell on it, it’s too upsetting, but I want to share how things are going.

I went and got Sofie and the two surviving puppies yesterday. She is doing beautifully and so are they. Happy family. It’s doing my heart good to watch them.


I had to pay in full to get my animals released. 1600 bucks.

I asked for all the records and paperwork involved. I read the doctor’s report. It is, um, not accurate.

According to this document, I was offered a c-section and refused it. There is nothing about me calling for it. Also nothing about the delay for dinner. But it does include me calling the situation a “fucking disaster,” I guess that was an important medical detail.

I’ll pursue it.

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