Epic Cooper

(earlier photo of Cooper resting on my legs)

Don't know why the puking started. I mentioned puppy stomach issues this morning (re: Pumpkin) and all of a sudden, Cooper has a rumbly tumbly. It was iffy coming out the end this afternoon/evening and once we got back from errands this evening, puking began.

First a little. Then more solid. Then back to more fluid-like.

He found a stick earlier in the day which he stripped the bark off of but he doesn't ingest it. I did leave him outside Walgreens for a little but I think I'm just being paranoid regarding the idea of someone messing with him (to punish me for leaving him outside. On a busy street. With drug store cameras around, etc.).


He's next to me and snoring now.

But I'm slightly nervous because I'm alone in the house (Husband is back in WI). I know it's okay, he's prob just purging whatever upset his stomach and he's had water so he won't be too dehydrated.... but he's my baby. MY baby. I hate looking at him and not being able to explain or give a command about what to do to make him feel better. He just looks at me with puppy eyes and licks his lips again. Or sits in my lap. I comfort him, pet him. I don't freak out when he pukes so he doesn't think it's bad or something to get too panicky about. I know that if something happened and I needed to get to an emergency vet, I could get there via cab and be okay (as long as I don't think about having to lift him).


He's... he's my baby. And I wish I could make it better. And I'll stop before thinking about dog mortality.