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Puppy problems

I think all of my last three dogs have gotten UTIs at least once. It’s Lisa’s turn now.

Fortunately we’ve been through it enough that we recognized it the minute it hit (she had an accident as soon as she notified us she had to go out) and we had her at the vet within the hour. She’s on antibiotics now, but it’s been a day and she’s still having problems.


So I’m sleeping downstairs to hear her if she cries, I’ve cleaned up 4 or 5 accidents today alone (we’re restricting her to the kitchen linoleum which is at least easier to clean), and I’m trying to not let her out of my sight. She’s clearly not feeling well (hey, we know UTIs suck) but I thought I was over cleaning up puppy puddles. *cries*

Send me cute puppy things?

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