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Purchase-palooza (Black Friday haul)

I can’t handle the in-store stuff, so I do exclusively online shopping during this consumer holiday weekend. I try to limit it to things that I need or know I will enjoy.

Who went out and bought stuff & things? Who all stayed in and are now anxiously awaiting packages? What did you get?


I got some makeup, haircare, and skincare items from both Sephora, colourpop, glossier, and Ulta. Some for other people, some for me. This is where I went ham and maybe am embarrassed by the amount of beauty products I have. At this point I just need to become a beautuber so that the amount of products I have would at least make sense.

I got a new tempurpedic pillow (42% off) that came in the mail today, so tonight is gonna be dreamy.

I also took this chance to buy more clothes from Torrid (50% off plus some rewards $$ I had built up)—I’m sort of mid-move and didn’t take most of my clothes with me, not expecting to be in limbo this long to get into a permanent place. I have a place I’m moving to in February, but until then I needed some more wintry wardrobe staples.

And I couldn’t forget my little doggos—chewy was having a sweet 50% off sale on their bougie small breed senior dog food so I STOCKED UP.


What goodies and/or deals did you find?

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