I CAN HAZ MEDI-CAL NAO. I CAN HAZ MEDI-CAL!!! And I just got the books that break down the different health plans and list providers… The OB-GYN I wanted to see before I lost my health insurance last time is on there. ON BOTH PLANS. ALSO ONE PLAN COVERS VISION.

GUYZ. I CAN GET NEW GLASSES AND ALSO COMPETENT GYNECOLOGICAL CARE. GT, if I had a bottle of champagne I would be poppin' that sucker open right the hell now. I AM SO HAPPY OMG GUYZ!!!

Also Mr Caterpillar Ok'd the venue in Northern Queensland so I'm emailing them tomorrow! I'M GETTING MARRIED TO MY DREAM MAN IN MY DREAM PLACE AND I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!! *dances in a circle*