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The guy next to my workshop was a James Beard Award winning Chef for the North East region. He ALWAYS had a kitchen garden out back, next to my workshop. It was not unusual to find an expensive car blocking my loading dock on a Saturday night.

His, and my, places were destroyed by Hurrican Sandy.

Long story; he died in the middle of his rebuild. I was so much luckier. This is what I found growing amongst the weeds last week. It was also the day after Prince died that I found them. Purple asparagus.


Me, my trusty assistant & Mr. 4th found them. We marveled so hard, then cut & cooked them.

Today, I found this:


There are still more shoots coming out of the ground. I feel the the blessing. Any idea if I can make a cutting of the shoots on the stalk to plant more? Any recipes?

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