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Who would be in your Ultimate Oscar List, more for careers then anything else

Best Actress

Meryl Streep

Bette Davis

Helen Mirren

Joan Crawford

Faye Dunaway, not in that many compared to others but fantastic

Best Actor

Jack Lemmon

Tom Hanks

Kirk Douglas

Peter O’Toole

Humphey Bogart swapping him out for Sidney Poitier his Lilies in The Field and To Sir With Love along with other works earned him a spot.


Tomorrow Best Picture and Special FX.

Today’s winners

Ultimate Best Actress

Meryl Streep her Sophie’s Choice did it also career that’s near spotless for great performances. So few can go from playing in serious movies to romances to musicals to comedies. You hand her a script and she can give you an Oscar nominated performance.

Joan Crawford runner up her Mildred Pierce put her there. Yes others had better careers overall but Mildred Pierce showed how to bring raw realism to the movie screen. Never saw the movie, see it.

Ultimate Best Actor

Kirk Douglas from the great underplayed role in Glass Menagerie to the realism of The Detectives and in great epics like Vikings and Spartacus.


Jack Lemmon another overall ultimate great career. He could go from comedies to dramas. He was a riot in Fortune Cookie and funniest movie ever Out of Towners to raw drama of China Syndrome and Missing.

In many ways Kirk Douglas and Meryl Streep defined the ultimate best in movie acting and how acting in front of a camera should be done.


Your ultimate best actress and best actor list? And winner.

Honorable mentions

Katherine Hepburn

Humphrey Bogart

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