About That Uptick in Trolls...

People have mentioned this a lot in the last few days and Chritter said that he's been playing a lot of whack-a-troll. Of course, it could be that people are just up in arms that we're so awesome and they have to bring the "staaaahp being so awesome; you're ruining patriarchy or whatever" but I'd like to remind people of the obvious: winter break.

Every year about 2 weeks before Christmas, the trolling in WoW increases and it gets dumber. The trolls get so vapid and immature that it isn't even entertaining to provoke them with my favorite pain in the ass countertrolling sidekick. Right now, we have trolls on Jez that are that vapid and immature, posting one line non-bannable things to start fights, which appears to be part of some lame-o adolescent jock male scoring system for those stuck inside because it's snowing.


So, while I am one for feeding the trolls, who has been countertrolling online since the mid-90s and turning religious protest circles into mosh pits for even longer, I have to say, these trolls are simply not worth it. If someone has engaged them, laugh and move on. These are actual trolls, just here for entertainment, not even necessarily here because they lurve patriarchy, more likely here because women's be crazy and easy to rile up.

Many of them will be gone in a few weeks anyway.

Just hit dismiss.