Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Putting my furlough to really good use

Minnie Driver is awesome! She is/was on TV's Craig Ferguson and I am stunned (she is stunning so I guess it works in both directions). I enjoy Craig's show but tonight I laughed and blew some sparkling water out my nose. They were funny together and she is beautiful - I had not seen her in anything since that movie about 20 years ago - I saw her in Big Night but did not pay attention, but there was some movie she was in back in the days that "the Big Chill' came out - she wasn't in it bit it was around that time. For some reason, I think it was something like 'the dinner club' - but I get her confused with that woman in Big Chill who was also in 'girl in the swing' .

Let me take this back to the beginning - Minnie Driver is beautiful, funny, and has a British accent


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