Hi guys. I need some guidance/support/resource help. I don't want to get into nitty gritty details, although I've spoken about this before. I could just really use some feedback from people more knowledgeable than myself.

My ex is still pushing to split our son between two daycares as I am unable to move. The details around that are not important and I have to propose some alternatives, but he has told me that the people he's spoken with and the research he's done, say that while it's not "ideal" it's not necessarily "bad."

My intuition is telling me that this is a horrible idea that will impact our son adversely and I am incredibly uncomfortable with the thought. I brought this up previously in GT and the resounding message was "this is a bad idea, no lawyer or social services professional or judge would ever support this." But, I need more than my Internet friends (many if not most of whom I trust on subjects I'm not well versed on) telling me so. I need some data, some information, and I've struggled to find this online.

If any of you can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. I am going to push back, but it would be nice to have some solid data as support.