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Putting the lazy in malaisey

You guys....I suck today. The sun is shining, I have the house to myself and a plethora of projects to do (fun ones even!), and yet......here I sit feeling like a garbage human. A garbage human who has that crazy hair that you get if you wash it and then just lay around.

I swore (to myself, first mistake) to fight the darkness and be a good member of my household and society today. Because alive, but also because Boyfriend (I should really give him one of those cute Jezebel commenter SO nicknames......Mr. Fight? ScissorBoy?) is slaving away at his office trying to finish a gigantic and important-to-his-career-fuck-it-up-and-you're-fired project and I really wanted to be the good version of myself by the time he gets home*

The good version of myself who has brushed her hair, is not completely absorbed in her own bullshit, and has more interesting things to say than:

"I was going to vacuum, but then I just sat here....I think the vacuum has been staring at me all day."


Maybe the one who has put our house back together after the mouse debacle that ensued last night, but at least the one who has left the house...Fuck.

*In the interest of clarity and harmony, I feel the need to point out that this is not out of a sense of domestic duty, but because he is unfalteringly excellent and supportive of all of my endeavors, and particularly not a dark and stormy shitbag when I am the stressed out one.

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