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I need advice on what to put into a guest basket GT, because in exactly a month my Mama is flying in from across the country and visiting me! EEEEEEEEE! I love my Mom. And for once I want to be an adult and pamper her while she's away from home instead of being a baby and having her pamper me.

So I got her some bath milk from a local craft market. She is a bath girl, and will always take that over a shower. And I got her this cute little pack that includes body butter and a bath scrub. Of course these came in mason jars and parcel wrap because local craft market.
I am going to pop in a book of bus tickets so she can go where she likes for the two days or so that I will not be with her. And some slippers for around the apartment. Also, would wine be a good idea? Or would that seem like I am encouraging her to drink alone?

My question is this: I have a railcar like apartment and she is sleeping in the living room. That means when WomBear and I go to work, we are passing her bed. In addition she is passing our bed in the night when she has to pee because the only bathroom is on the other side of our bedroom. She's a 52 year old woman. She's going to have to pee. What can I include in the basket to make it easier for her?
I don't mean like a funnel. I mean, should I include a flash light? A sleep mask?

Illustration for article titled Putting Together a Guest Basket Cause My Mama is Visiting!

Mine will not look this pretty....

So suggestions please, on what you would like in a basket like that to make a trip easier!

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