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Pygmy's 24-hour Product Diary

I love reading yer-all's product diaries so I thought I'd put mine out there. Although I'm pretty good about taking care of my skin, I'm seriously inconsistent about makeup. Sometimes I'll do the whole magilla, some days just mascara and lip color, some days not a damn thing. It all depends on my mood, and how much sleep I'm willing to give up to achieve gorgeousness!


THE BASICS: I'm almost 51, Irish-German heritage, pale skin with freckles, brown eyes, brown hair that's quickly becoming gray hair. Some wrinkles - not too many, which I'm pretty sure is a happy result of being fat! - and moderate sun damage from a childhood spent playing outdoors. My skin had always been dry until a couple of years ago when I hit menopause, and now it's gotten a little more oily, which seems kind of fucked up.

LAST NIGHT: took off my eye makeup with Clinique's AMAZING makeup remover, then washed the ol' face with their liquid cleanser. Skipped the clarifying lotion (which I would normally use) because I did a face mask with Boscia Bright White Mask. I really like this one, in no small measure because it's so much fun to peel it off. My skin is pretty sensitive and some masks feel too hard on it, but this one makes my face happy. I try to remember to use it once a week. After the mask, I put Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Serum on the lines around my eyes and sides of my forehead. Usually I use (and LOOOOVE) Neutrogena's Rapid Wrinkle Repair, but my grocery store was sold out recently so I'm trying this serum. We'll see how it works. Finished with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Avon Plumping Lip Conditioner, which works great both as an overnight treatment and as a daytime under-lipstick layer. I don't think it does any plumping, but it's a nice moisturizer and balm.

THIS MORNING: rinsed my face in the shower, then used Clinique Clarifying Lotion and the Dramatically Different. In the summer I'll wash my face in the morning also, but in winter once a day seems to be enough.

MAKEUP: I do my eyes first, which gives my moisturizer a chance to sink in. I always start with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which truly is a holy-grail product for me. Today I used 2 colors from the Urban Decay Naked3 palette - Limit as the base, Nooner in the crease. Lately I've also been using Avon True Color Eyeshadow Duo in Healthy Glow or Maybelline Expert Wear Shadow Duo in Dusk. I use liner less than I used to because it can be too harsh if I don't get it just right - mostly these days I only use it if I go out at night. And being an introvert who loves staying home, that means practically never! For mascara I'm not loyal to any particular brand; I generally use whatever samples I have on hand from Birchbox or Ipsy. Right now it's Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, which I really like. Okay, so now my eyes are super gorgeous, so it's time for foundation. This is a product where I stick with the one thing that works for me - Bobbi Brown liquid foundation in Warm Sand. I'm pretty pale and have a hard time finding foundation that doesn't read orange on me, and I'm really happy with the Bobbi one. I also use her Pot Rouge in Pale Pink for blush. This stuff has great color so a little goes a long way and eases my mind about how pricey it is! I don't generally need concealer, as the foundation does what I need it to do. I do brows after foundation because I'm sloppy and sometimes I get foundation on my brows, so this way I can just cover it up at the last minute. I like Clinique Brow Keeper in Honey - it's a pencil on one side and a brow brush on the other side, very nice. My lip color today was Avon Extra Lasting Lip Gloss in Everlasting Petal. This stuff is The. Best. It really does stay on all day, without feeling super tacky. It's totally affordable and just a surprisingly awesome product for the price. I've also been using a lipstick sample I got from one of the subscription boxes - Noyah Cream Lipstick in Deeply in Mauve, which also lasts for several hours on me. I'm planning to buy a full-size one when this sample is gone.


HANDS: if I remember, I put cuticle oil on my nails, rub lotion all over my hands, and put on gloves for my drive to work. It's like a 30-minute spa treatment for my paws. I'm a major fan of the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen. You can just paint the oil on your nails, super easy, cheap, portable - I keep one in my bag, car, desk at work, bedside table. My hand lotion is Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair, which I also use before bed. I'm really hard on my hands and not girly enough to maintain manicures, so I keep my nails short and rarely put any polish on them.

As I've gotten older I've had to make some changes in my makeup. As I mentioned above, I don't like the way major eyeliner looks on me anymore, so I use it less often, and smudge it more than I used to. My upper eyelids are starting to do that drooping thing, so I really pay attention to contouring the crease and upper lid with shadow. It makes a HUGE difference in how awake I look! As my hair has changed from brown to gray (which I'm totally okay with, it reminds me of my mom), I've switched from using coral-y colors to pink-y ones, which seem to work better with the silver/white in my hair. And I've definitely come to understand how much of a difference lipstick makes, even if I don't use anything else on my face. A swipe of color really changes my whole appearance! I don't feel chic enough to pull off a true red, but I do like berry and plum type of lip colors.


So I'm looking at this and thinking it makes me look like a total product whore! It definitely sounds like a lot when I list it all, but really I don't spend a ton of time on my "beauty routine". What can I say? I just really like playing with makeup!

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