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Q&A: Sunday Supper (AKA - You do WHAT to stuff a bird?)

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but every Sunday I do something that is extremely 1950s and suburbanish: the Captain and I go over to my parents' house, my brother comes over, and we all cook a meal together and have dinner. It's like Norman Rockwell, but with raunchier jokes and alcohol.

I take this pretty much for granted, because everyone in my family knows how to cook, and cook well. It wasn't until I was with Cap that I realized that people didn't know how to just...do things in the kitchen. We were dividing up who was going to do what, as usual, and I said to him, "Hey, could you make the salad dressing?" and walked away to start chopping veggies for some other dish.


God bless that man, he tried. He really tried. To me, it was just a simple vinaigrette: 1 part acid, 2 parts fat, flavorings, shake, shake, shake (SHAKE YOUR BOOOOOOTAY). After about twenty minutes he came back and said, "Um. You don't have any dressing packets or recipes. I don't even know what a vinaigrette is."


In my mind, because I started learning to cook basically by the time I was nearly as tall as the stove, I had given him the simplest task, but to him, I might as well have asked him to do a Baked Alaska from scratch. Don't even get me started on the complete bafflement on both of our parts when we moved in together and I said that there was no point to having a microwave.

So hey - do you have food questions? Questions about cooking things that people think is simple and you have no idea how to do? Want to impress someone with cooking but DO NOT WANT anything complicated? Don't know how to boil water? Does your chicken breast taste like sawdust? Ask me! I'll help you get on track! I love this stuff! And hey...we all have to learn it from somewhere.

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