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How frequent is this word? How easy is it to read? How fast do people recognise it when they see or hear it? Which other words are used in the same context? How is this word inflected and how frequent is each of the forms? The aim of qlaara is to provide these and other quantitative measures about how people communicate.


word games:

How will this help researchers?

These games are online versions of standard psycholinguistic experiments. Normally, the experiments are run in physical lab settings at research institutions with the obvious restriction that participants need to be willing to visit those locations. This usually means that students of linguistics and psychology are grossly overrepresented in the sample. Being accessible to a wider demographic, online experiments can provide more balanced data across the language community.


What’s in it for me?

You get an estimate of your vocabulary knowledge, including a comparison with other players. If you wish to improve your language skills, the feedback given after the game will also help with that by listing your answers, whether they were right or wrong, and why. Some of the games are known to have an effect similar to meditation, quite efficiently facilitating creative thinking.

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