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Ok, so about a week ago I was really stressed and dealing with a higher amount of anxiety and depression* than usual. One of my employer’s benefits is a membership in a sort of life help company where you can (in theory) get advice with money issues, mental health issues, legal issues, etc. So, at my lowest point, I looked through the website and tried to start a live chat with someone there.

Everything was busy, so I was asked to fill out a form with my contact info and someone would get back to me. I did so, waited a bit, went to bed, and went on with life.

Today I get the following message:


I live in London, ONTARIO, and obviously have a Canadian #, but whoever checks that service couldn’t be bothered to read thoroughly or look anything up, let alone answer my questions. Great work! I definitely trust those employees!

*Not a cry for help or anything, don’t worry. Just under a lot of stress right now.

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