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Isn't that a great word? I should use it much more often.

Now that Asshole has been forced to leave the house (insert Nelson pointing and saying "ha ha") all of the stuff I left behind there is in his parents' garage. It's mostly clothes and books. The clothes are mostly too small atm, and I just really have nowhere to keep that many books right now.

So, I went through a few boxes at their place today, dividing them into "toss," "give to preschool," "keep," and "sell to used bookstore/give to mission." I tried to keep that last pile to books that were in good enough shape that I would buy them in a used bookstore.


Usually, walking into a used bookstore and selling them books would be something I would have to work myself up to do, but would still not bother me too much since I would be able to tell myself that the people in the store don't know me and my books are awesome, so if they're judging me on them they're just going to know I'm awesome. Right? Right. I DARE YOU TO JUDGE MY LITERARY CHOICES, ANONYMOUS BOOKSTORE EMPLOYEES!!! JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY TRASHY SCI-FI/FANTASY!! YOU KNOW IT'S SPECTACULAR!"

But, ummm.... I can't really do that since the closest used bookstore is the place that Mr. Cute Dulcimer Guy runs. And also because at least half of the books I want to sell are Asshole's. Which means they're crap. And I really don't want him to look at me and think that I'm the one who bought that Rush Limbaugh book, as well as two books by Mick Foley. But if I make a comment about it, that's just weird, right? I mean, who goes in and says, "OK, you can have these books, but just know that the horrible ones belonged to my abusive ex so don't judge"? I could just take them to the mission and avoid the whole thing, but I'm such a dork that I actually want them somewhere that people will buy them and READ them. The books at the mission just sit there and sit there and don't get bought. (I'm also such a dork that I can't stomach the thought of tossing any book that's in great shape, even if it's Rush. And OF COURSE all of Asshole's books are in great shape. He never actually reads them. Most of mine have been loved into tatters.) Also, convenient excuse to go see Mr. Cute Dulcimer Guy cannot be ignored.

On the plus side, I must the only person on earth to have a box for the used bookstore with copies of books by both Rush Limbaugh and Jeanette Winterson. It's possible that those two will have had a fight in the back of my car and all the books will have been obliterated.

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