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I’ve been watching this show from the start, at first intrigued by the cast and won over by a tight and packed story that just keeps on coming.
It’s actually amazing how much it has evolved in less than one season, how the characters have evolved and especially the women are getting the best of everything. Seriously, Alex, Miranda, Shelby, Nimah and Raina, they’re killing it.
It’s also nice having two muslim women (one wearing a hijab) as FBI trainees aka future federal agents, two characters who at first seem to be just some collection of clichés but who get many of the most interesting story bits.
Since basically all the women are super amazing...it’s sometimes kind of jarring how booooring most of the dudes are, but well, thankfully it’s not about them.
Though it’s a bit funny that with every new character the women are interesting and are having their own agendas and the dudes are just...decoration I guess?

I also had a small nerd moment today, the trainees got explained that they had been in a loose-loose situation, so my first thought was “Kobayashi Maru” and one of the trainees totally pointed this out and it got mentioned one or two times more after that. I love when something geeky gets thrown in without explanation and without making fun of it, especially if it’s Star Trek and extra especially if it’s the old series.


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