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She has been Queen for 64 plus years. Her monarchy alone most have not been alive when she was crowned Queen. Fewer were alive during WW2 when she was princess helping in war effort, all but a few are her age or older.

Sometimes I wonder if this is all she will be remembered for, her longevity. Her father as good of a King he was especially staying in London during WW2 is overshadowed by Winston Churchill.

For monarchs she is no Elizabeth I, Henry V or have impact on society like Henry VIII. Yet are the comparasions fair? If these three were alive today they would be constrained by law and the shift in balance of power. Ruling today I suspect Elizabeth I and Henry V would not be much different then Elizabeth II is. Henry VIII would be beloved by tabloids but there would be no beheadings of wives or Tower of London nor able to create Church of England.


Yet if Queen Elizabeth II reigned in George III time or Charles II would she not just have been better but changed history?

Sometimes I wonder if history will treat her as nothing more then a symbol and concentrate on her longevity. Queen Victoria got her reign called the Victorian Age. I doubt Queen Elizabeth II will even get that honor.

Your thoughts? How will she be remembered? I do think its unfair to compare her to past monarchs since she lives in such a different time.

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