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Queen of Squalor

I'm wondering how much if a train wreck I am on a scale of 1-10.

We have a three bedroom apartment. The bedrooms are tiny. One has become the cat room with toys, liter boxes and where we store totes of seasonal clothing or things like a tote of wedding stuff I can't bring myself to throw out three years later.

Tonight I was on a mission and decided the room needed to be tackled. I was purging and donating left and right. Halloween costumes I haven't seen in a year? Donate it! Light fixtures we don't use? Donate that! Donate all the things and throw out all the paperwork and garbage!!!!


Then I found it.

It being a spot where one of our cats has been peeing for long enough that when we pulled up the rug the wood floor now has a permanent stain.

Gag. Our whole place is just coming back to a normal smell and we threw out anything remotely near pee epicenter and we are going to check the donation materials before we drop them off.

I'm Queen of Squalor Mother of Messes Dirtborn now!

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