I read this really interesting article just now. Take a look and let's discuss, shall we?

As a self-identified bisexual hard femme I'm very wary of falling into this trap. It doesn't mean I do it, but when talking about my sexual adventures with my guy friends I sometimes slip into this strange kind of vernacular in order to seem more "legit." Call it an inferiority complex, call it androcentrism, call it internalized monosexism, or the glee that comes with unbridled sex talk—whatever it is it's wrong.


It's ok to have scandalous, boisterous conversations with your consenting friends. It's ok to discuss your sex lives and your desires and to admire people from afar. But it's not ok to make someone feel less-than or perpetuate isms because you're trying to boost your own self-esteem. I think this isn't limited to butches, or even to women who sleep with women. Because misogyny and androcentrism are everywhere this even affects the male gender. Butch gay men, femme gay men it doesn't matter—there's a certain disrespect for women that pops up in the way some gay men talk about our anatomy, clothes, or feel entitled to call us bitch, purse, beard, fag hag, or touch our bodies without permission—even if they like to dress in drag. I'm not well versed in trans issues because the issue of gender is more complex, but it's hard to believe that anyone on earth can escape being tainted by isms like this.

So what do you think, GT? I hope this isn't too offensive. If I've stepped out of line at all, please feel free to respectfully tell me. These are just my initial thoughts on the article, and I'd like to learn more and grow in my understanding of these issues. My experience with the queer female community is complicated and it kind of colors my issues/triggers an identity crisis, so sometimes I may be skewed unnecessarily.