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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I know, I bug you guys a lot. BUT you're the best source for explaining American things to me, a confused Canadian.


So, your government is on shut-down. If I recall correctly, you also have some sort of deadline tomorrow that you have to do something (raise the debt ceiling) lest you default (how does a country default?) on your loans and your country implodes.


Newspapers are dry. You are not.

  • What exactly has to be done by tomorrow?
  • More importantly, how bad would it be if it didn't get done and you default on your loans?
  • How do you default?
  • Is it bad that I would totally be curious to watch the aftermath of a default? Except that if you go down your taking us down with you so please don't.*

Thank you in advance!

*Pure, morbid curiosity. I really don't want you to default!

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