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Query: Hormones and Mental Health

Okies, as some of you may have noticed, the last couple of days have been rough on Lachategris. Well today, I woke up feeling fine and dandy. Headed to the bathroom and it turns out that downward spiral was most likely pushed along by hormones. Sadly, I can guarantee i'm not pregnant, go PCOS! (I did fail my French test horribly, but so did a bunch of other classmates)

I've had this problem, since puberty. What makes it annoying is that when it happens, my ADHD and my LD become hard to manage. So not only am I crying uncontrollably i can't focus long enough to tell you why and there's a good chance i'll misread what you're texting me, then i'll write whiny posts on jez about it!!! And thanks to PCOS I can't predict when it'll happen when off the pills, cuz irregular periods. No wonder my friends and family think i'm a possessed at times!


Am I the only one who suffers from these hormonal fugues? Has anyone done any research? Best way to prevent them? Should I just become a shut in for 48 hours, or build a menstrual hut?? This goes away with menopause right?

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