Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I had my first real gynocologist appointment in many years on August 25, and she advised me to take a couple of months off from the Pill. I had told her how my periods had become irregular and longer, etc., etc. and she said we should try a couple of months off, starting right away, and see what happens.

At the point she examined me I had just started a new pack of pills and was not bleeding. I actually absentmindedly kept taking them for two more days and stopped. Today I started bleeding and have cramps.


So, is this a real period? I doubt it. This is just the same as if I'd finished a cycle of pills. If I'm going to have a normal period, with ovulation (assuming I still do that now that I'm 51) it probably won't happen for another month, don't you think?

If anyone knows or thinks they know, tell me. I've been on the Pill since 1989, so beats the fuck-all out of me, and I'm curious.

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