Welcome To The Bitchery

Question 1: Is it me or ...

Are there a large number of penises on the front page?

I mean, I could be hallucinating. I'm sure it's happened before.

Question 2: Why is it community colleges do their best to make students waiting for their classes be as uncomfortable as possible? What is the theory there? Why no benches? It's asinine.


Question 3: Why is it the remote always hides in the couch cushions? I'm starting to think I should just put a holder in there.

Question 4: Why does an article about the Diva Cup mention broccoli? Are they trying to make me sick? Because it's not working. I have seen plenty of shit and blood in my time. No squeamishness left in me, man. Unless you mention hair in food. That shit makes me sick.

Question 5: Why did I mention that about the hair in the food??? Next, Mark Shrayber will have an article on it!! Shit!! It's like I'm begging for bad karma. Damn it.

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