My brother wants his daughter to be bi-lingual, or to at least have an awareness of other languages. He mentioned how he wanted her to speak French, since he'd just seen a little girl speaking French with her French grandfather, and it was the cutest thing ever. Neither he nor his wife speak French. Our grandparents did, but not around us. He took Spanish in school. I'm not sure what his wife took. I found his favorite book from childhood—a translation of it in French—and I was going to give it to his daughter. It then occurred to me that no one can read it to her. If I'm the only one who can read her a book with vague accuracy as to pronunciation, is it really a good idea to give it to her? She already has the English version, so they can figure out translations and such, if they wanted. I also found a French Songs For Children cd, which I'll definitely give to her, because the sound of French is awesome. Sesame Street covers Spanish pretty well. I now realize it would have been a better idea to get one of those read-along books, with a recording of someone else reading it. But this is where I am now. Should I give it to her? Or should I hold off? I have no idea how to make a voice note on my phone, or if it would even let me record the whole thing if I read it myself, and I'm pretty sure some of my pronunciation would not be right. What do you think, Hivemind? I'm conflicted.