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Is this a dick move?

I have to go back to the place i was fired from on Monday, today so i can pick up my last check/drop off work clothes.

I woke up at 5am and started thinking about all the bullshit i was put through there, all the bad things my coworkers did. So since the coworkers that stabbed me in the back and got me fired, i decided to tell the truth about all the stuff they weren't supposed to do, but did. So i wrote this long ass note about them texting and taking calls in front of customers, during work hours, about how they would stop and get lunch on the company's time. About how i would have to clean up after team leaders in houses. They got paid more than me, and i did a much better job, and sometimes i had to clean up what they missed. Constantly i would have to clean up crumbs that they left on kitchen and foyer floors.


Then i wrote to my boss, about how everyone complains about her, how she is a terrible person to work for. How bad her leadership skills are, how bad her skills as an owner interacting with her employees is. It's a long note about everything that is wrong with that company.

I feel really good, like i need to get this out so i can move on. I think this is a dick move, but so is getting me fired for made up reasons.

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