I have a question about abortion for the GTers. Mostly because most GTers are more feminist in their thoughts and actions.

I was inspired to open this line of discussion by HermioneStrangers comment on the Jez article about The Most Inane Moments from Last Weekend's Men's Rights Conference.

Hermione talks about Karen DeCrow taking up MRA ideals by working to help get a guy a 'paper abortion' (I'll be honest in that I don't know what this means).

But here's my thing. Abortion. How do you feel about it?

I'm a mid-thirties gay guy, so there is very little chance I'm going to get a woman pregnant. Though, who knows. I could have a Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston moment ala The Object of My Affection (or The Opposite of Sex with Ricci and that guy).

I've sat in an abortion clinic with my best college friend. I held her hand before and after and we talked for hours. I RESPECT the decision she made. I RESPECT her strength in making that decision.


Personally, I come off conflicted. I am pro-choice, pro-sex, pro-autonomy. Yet, I know if I ever got a woman pregnant then I'd be less likely to be ok with going the abortion road. I also realize I'm a 'strawman' in this scenario because of how unlikely it is to happen.

How do you feel about abortion on both the personal and political levels?

ETA: Friends on GT. I have more responses than I can get to tonight for this post. But please know this:

1) I am pro-choice and vote that way

2) I believe in a woman's right to autonomy over her own body

3) I don't disagree with separating feelings over science, in fact I prefer it as a scientist


4) I still have misgivings and feelings when abortion hits close to 'home' even when it doesn't impact me directly

5) I'll try to respond to each of you tonight and tomorrow because you have taken the time to comment on my post. I appreciate that.