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Question about being spontaneous

So, my ex from a long time ago and I have been talking. Things are good between us now but we are not interested in a reunion at any point in time for a very very long time. He has been trying to come out to visit me so we can catch up face to face but its hard to coordinate our schedules.

Today we talked and he offhandedly said that I should come out to visit him and it's kind of tempting. However, I am pretty broke right now and apparently won't be getting a tax return, which seriously sucks. On the other hand, I'm 25 and have had a rough 2 years. Isn't this the time to be slightly irresponsible and spontaneous/adventurous? I've always been a very circumspect person and sometimes I wish I was more of an adventurous type. Plus, it's been almost a year since I've gone on any kind of trip, and my last trip was with my ex a month before his mom died. So. Thoughts?


I am also not sure how things are going with the guy I'm seeing here. I posted a couple weeks ago about how I'm starting to develop feelings for him and it's been two weeks since our last date. He's finishing his last semester, working, and running a small production company, and he's been super busy lately. I left him alone for a few days and then texted him today. Last week he said he's be busy until this coming Thursday and today he said he wouldn't have a day off until sometime next week. I don't think he's trying to give me the brush off (when I texted him today he said 'I was just thinking about you. How are you?') but it does kind of suck that it might be 3 weeks or longer before I get to see him again. Ugh. I wish I could turn off my sex drive and desire to snuggle.

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