Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Since I know many of us here in Groupthink are nerds, I figured somebody might be familiar with Crunchyroll, aka “Netflix for anime.”

I have been thinking about getting an account, but I have a doubt. I have a question about the service, but google was no help. I tried many different search words and always got a bazillion different sites that have nothing to do with my question :(


My question is: how exactly can you know when certain series will be taken off the site?

I saw that there are a few series I’d like to watch, but I’m going to be massively busy for the next few months. If I postpone, will the series remain there waiting for me? Does Crunchyroll have a page where they write which series are going to be taken off next? If so, how much forewarning do they give? Like, are they more “this series will be taken out in three months” or “this series will be taken out in a week”?

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