a) Are there really so few good Russian male figure skaters that only Plushenko qualified? Which is jawdropping. Its like saying there are only one good basketball player in the US. Russia's bench should be deep.

b) I feel a bit guilty but my first words when Plushenko bowed out was "karma".

He has always been such a bully and arrogant that I said to my mother "thats karma" she agreed but added he was one of the best. She then added "his mother shoveled tar for him to skate so feel sorry for her."

c) In 2018 and Jeremy Abbott wants to skate in the next Olympics, seriously the US Figure Skating group should give him a plane ticket to a different location. He is awful for the Olympics. He personifies the word "choke".


d) All Collins had to do was 1 more jump and he would be clearly in 3rd. He barely jumped in his routine. This is not the time to play it safe.