I was just reading this post about the gawker-verse and sub-blogs and it occurred to me: Jezebel proper still isn't the best at addressing intersectional issues, (though, they've been getting noticeably better) so what if there was a sub-blog just for that? As in, a kinja that specifically addressed issues affecting WoC (written by and for WoC)? I literally jus thought of this two seconds ago, so I don't know how it would work, but I'm thinking it could function much the way Powder Room works in my head (I have no actual knowledge of how Powder Room works, just fyi...) A few dedicated (I use the term loosely) contributors could post personal essays about their experiences as WoC, whether it's inter-racial dating, having kids, struggles with sexuality, religion, poverty, disability, relationships to healthcare, representation in media, (basically anything) and we could also cross-post stuff from Groupthink where appropriate.

I have no idea how we could go about doing that or how it would work (Slaybelle! Help?) but Kinja is supposed to be all about publishing, so let's publish!

It would not be a Jezebel bashing kinja,(that's tacky), but I do envision it as a place that could maybe fill in some of the intersectional holes that Jez misses, plus also bring a perspective that might be outside of Jez's purview entirely. I have no idea how one would go about setting up a group kinja though, so I'd have to figure that out first.

But, if we could figure it out, is that something people would be interested in reading/contributing to?