Happy Friday morning! And May Day!

Feel free to use this as an open thread. I do have some questions about glasses though. So, my old pair had been giving me headaches, and I went to Lenscrafters, and I got this pair -


Sorry if that pic comes out huge. It would be fitting though because these suckers are massive. I knew they were big frames when I picked them out, I was going for a hipster look, but when I picked them up they were just way bigger than I was expecting them to be on my face. Also I got them yesterday and ever since, I have been crazy nauseous and dizzy. The feeling fades if I take the glasses off.

This is the first new pair I’ve had in 4 years and I know the prescription was way out of date, but I forget, is this normal? Are you supposed to have an adjustment period to get used to new glasses? Or should I go straight back to the store and get this checked out? I’m leaning towards exchanging them anyway because I’m afraid the new frames are less this:

And more this: