Genuine, actual question. I'm going to ask my doctor too but I want GT's input.

As most of you know, I recently got diagnosed with PCOS and some form of hyperthyroidism. God only knows how long I've had either one for, but now I know for sure.

I realized something that is mildly interesting and I was wondering everyone's thoughts. Whenever I get my period (even though I'm on the pill) my depression and anxiety spirals really rapidly and leads to the urgent, hysterical posts you were all witness to recently. It's not just regular PMS, not even close. I've always suffered with depression and anxiety but during my period it's uncontrollable.

I was just wondering, now that it dawned on me that this has been happening, is this a symptom of PCOS and/or hyperthyroidism? That's NOT to say I'm not going to continue with therapy and seeing the psychiatrist. I just was thinking back on, well, my life and I realized that every single time I had an awful depression spiral, it was during my period. Almost every month this happens when I get my period. It rarely, if ever, happens when I'm not menstruating. And usually the day my period ends (like today) I feel significantly better and basically completely normal. Like I said, I'm still continuing with therapy - that's not even a question. I was just wondering everyone's thoughts on this and if it is possibly an actual medical issue, or if it's sheer coincidence.