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Question about Sorority Rushing

I haven't been wading into the MP articles on rushing because they seem kinda mocking and like they are making people feel bad, but as somebody who didn't rush, I have a question for those who did.

I didn't do Greek life for a lot of reasons, mainly because I am the kind of shy introvert that is overwhelmed by lots of people and I think of sororities as being for people who enjoy being busy more than I do, and because it's expensive enough that I would have had to make it a high priority and make sacrifices to justify the expense. It just wasn't my thing.

I had friends who rushed and I don't look down on them or on anyone who chooses Greek life, so please don't take this question as bashing. I am honestly confused about something and wondered if anyone here could give me some insight.


But one thing that I always wondered about was the speed of the rush process. I had friends who rushed, and at my school the whole thing took place in less than a week. How can you possibly have enough time to know if you are compatible with a group of people in that time? And it's such a commitment—based on my conversations with friends who ruahed, I get the idea that people take it personally and get offended if you de-pledge afterwards. It's like the friendship equivalent of getting married after a week of speed dating. I need more time than that to get to know people!

If I had rushed and been offered a bid at a sorority with a group of girls who were compatible with me, I'm sure I would have ended up having the positive experience I have heard so many people describe. But it seems like such a risk, because if you end up not liking it you're stuck. One of my friends ended up disliking a lot of the girls in her sorority and the culture of it in general, but she told me she "loved them all" anyway and didn't want to be a "quitter." I am sorry, but I think the only people you should have to put up with out of love despite disliking them personally are family—I want all my friends to be people I actually like!

How did you pick your sorority? How did you know you actually liked your sisters? And if you ended up not liking it afterwards, what did you do?

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