Maybe its because I am an oldster in my late 40s. I was brought up that if one used the f bomb when speaking it COULD become so natural to use that it one could easily say it to the wrong person. I could care less that people use it but I did take that lesson to heart and don't say the word.

Yet its used quite a bit online in posts, in articles and comments. I stress I do not care that people do. My question is if it becomes so casual is there a fear of it slipping into essays at schools, email at work, or in text where using the f bomb is totally not appropriate? Maybe this is completely generational. I know in the 80s if I ever, ever put in the f bomb in a paper in HS or College that unless it was a fictional dialogue I am certain the grade would be an F. Actually in HS I am positive my English teachers would have written that I should use an other word in dialogue.

I stress, totally stress I am not being judgy. I am just curious. Yes this is the dangers of always having thoughts and always pondering, seemingly randomly.