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Question about wedding planning etiquette.

My girlfriend and I were invited to, well, the Facebook event page is calling it a "wedding afterparty," so I guess it's a sort of post-reception thing? Anyway, we weren't invited to the wedding, but it's clear that there's a lot of overlap between the wedding guests and people invited to the afterparty; for example, on the event page, the bride asked for anyone who hadn't RSVP'd the wedding to do so within X amount of days. Is it just me or is it kind of tacky that the couple made announcements about the wedding on an event page that's just for an afterparty? I'm aware that guests aren't always invited to both the ceremony and the reception, but I do feel kind of weird that I could tell you the date, time and location of a wedding that I'm not going to. Also, my girlfriend is definitely miffed that she wasn't invited to the wedding (she knows the couple a lot better than I do) and as such is kind of indifferent to going to the afterparty. Ugh, weddings are complicated.


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