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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Question and Open Thread:

I know that we have (or at least had in the past) GTers living in the Philadelphia area and I have a traffic question. I am planning a drive to Atlantic City to fly out of their airport and will be hitting Philly at around 5 - 5:30 pm (I can’t really change the timing, only bumping it a half hour earlier maybe...) The route I’m most likely taking will be east along the Schuylkill expressway, across either the Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman, and then making my way either onto the Atlantic City expressway or one of the other toll free roads. And there is a home hockey game that night. How much will I want to kill myself/how bad will it actually be? I’m budgeting in 45 min - hour extra time, will that be enough? Or should I say screw it and pay the extra $200 to fly out of Baltimore instead?

Here’s a picture of doggies as thanks:

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